Nintendo has closed both of its official stores in Thailand

Shut down after little more than a year

07 March 2023
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Nintendo has officially shut down the two retail stores they were previously operating out of Thailand. When visiting Nintendo Thailand’s web site, each store is accompanied by the following message:

This store has been closed. Thank you for always using the Nintendo Official Store.

No official word has been given from Nintendo as to why these stores are now closed. This is a somewhat surprising turn of events, as both stores began operating in December of 2021, meaning they only managed to stay in business for a little over a year.

One of the stores was partnered with Thai retail company JD Central, which recently shut down itself. This more than likely explains at least one of the stores’ closings, but we can only speculate at this time. (JD Central also helped run Nintendo’s repair services in Thailand.)

For now, Nintendo’s Southeast Asian distributor Maxsoft is the only way to officially get Nintendo goods in Thailand. We’ll see if Nintendo attempts to open new stores there in the future, or finds some other method of distribution.

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