The side scrolling pixel-art shooter Titanium Hound is now available on Nintendo Switch from developer Red Spot Sylphina and publisher OverGamez. Click here to view the game’s eShop listing, or see below for more details.

Titanium Hound is a 2D retro-looking pixel art video game in cyberpunk genre, where you are going to pilot huge and agile exoskeleton to crush hordes of crazed security drones and abominations to uncover conspiracy carefully crafted by one of global corporations.

Dark and not so distant future. Scientific breakthrough led to usage of microbe colonies as power sources in all aspects of life. Corporations that control these living batteries development and production became very weightful political powers in the world. Crime, inequality and corruption under their influence reached levels unimaginable before. In attempt to take this chaos under control governments reorganized their police forces and boosted them with top notch military gear.

Titanium Hound is cutting edge manned complex designed to resolve very difficult situations in urban conditions.


Special energy flow system is the main and unique gameplay feature of Titanium Hound. Using your gun, you direct energy to your shield and using your shield you direct energy back to your gun - this is the slow way of energy direction. But there is also the fast way, which is called Combo-Blast. You create it when pressing primary and secondary shots at the same time. It looks like an energetic copy of yourself that explodes a couple of moments after appearing. If you’ll stay inside this explosion, the energy will be instantly directed to your shield. And if you’ll stay outside this explosion, the energy will be instantly directed to your gun. Also Combo-Blast explosion is used as the means to stun mini-bosses and instantly destroy regular enemies.

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