Many Nintendo fans are feeling like Nintendo is going to, at the very least, start hinting at what’s next for Nintendo in terms of hardware sometime in the near future. With the Switch getting on in years and sales starting to slow, there’s no doubt Nintendo is putting the final touches on whatever platform follows Switch. That said, Doug Bowser has made it clear the Big N isn’t ready to talk about what comes after Switch.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Doug Bowser is specifically asked about when a Switch follow-up is coming. As you might have guessed, Bowser decides to trumpet the current Switch and stays tight-lipped on what’s next.

As we enter the seventh year for the Nintendo Switch, sales are still strong. I think we still have a very very strong lineup coming. As Mr. Furukawa (Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa) said recently, we’re entering uncharted territory with the platform. It’s exciting to see that demand is still there. So nothing to announce on any future console or device, but we are still feeling very bullish about Nintendo Switch.

I should be careful about what I personally would like to see (in a new Switch). But what I can share is that one of the reasons that even going into year seven we feel very confident that the Switch can have a strong performance over the next few years is that it is still truly that unique device that you can play in a variety of ways, at home, on the go. One of the things we look at always is how can we surprise and delight. How can we introduce new unique ways of playing. That’s always in front of our mind.

[Doug Bowser]

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A standard non-answer but the answer you’d expect.
Been saying for a while that I would expect new hardware in 2024.

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I do like the idea of trying to think of new ways to play. It always seems like Nintendo has tried everything, then their next idea drops and it’s a complete surprise. Switch be a home console, portable, uses motion, has many experimental control cases like Labo, can do VR. Maybe more exploration into AR? 3DS did a little bit of that. But I’m at a loss for what else they can try to do


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If NOA is already confident that the Switch is still selling strong, then it means that the only smart thing for them to do is have a mid gen upgrade.


1+ y ago

Why is there no doubt? I mean probably they didn't sit still, but Switch has the potential to just keep working and stay fresh with new game creations. Better graphics is only really interesting for VR and giant screens. There should still be a zillion outstanding -not to be missed- game creations possible on a platform like the Nintendo Switch the way it is now.

And while we're at it, the same goes for the older consoles like 3DS and the NES, so much more is possible with these systems with a little more effort ;)

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Not like NoA has much say in the development of Nintendo systems. And not like Doug, or anyone else for that matter, are allowed to talk about new systems before they have been given the green light.

Switch is still selling good, but wont last forever.

But using a complete different chip set than the Tegra will mean BC wont be so easy. Something that has been playing around in my mind all day.