The Paldea Prologue was an official online tournament held recently for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on Switch. The tournament rules specified that any Pokémon from the Paldea region was eligible for use by competitors. Now, we know that the most popular Pokémon used across the tournament was the Ghost Fairy type, Flutter Mane.

According to @poke_times (making use of data found in the Pokémon Home app), Flutter Mane was used in more teams than any other Pokémon. Alongside Flutter Mane, the following ten Pokémon were the most frequently seen:

  1. Koraidon
  2. Iron Treads
  3. Iron Hands
  4. Miraidon
  5. Chi-Yu
  6. Dragonite
  7. Chien-Pao
  8. Great Tusk
  9. Talonflame
  10. Amoonguss

Have you been using Flutter Mane in your online battles? It seems to be working out for tournament players, but we’ll see how the competitive scene develops in the future.

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