Metroid Fusion just arrived for Nintendo Switch Online last week, and now it seems that the Game Boy Advance follow-up Metroid: Zero Mission is on its way too. Dataminer @LuigiBlood took a close look into the NSO’s files and discovered some tantalizing tidbits.

First, there are screenshots of Metroid: Zero Mission hidden away in Metroid Fusion’s subfolders. This seems like a strong indication that Zero Mission will be added to the service sometime in the future, though it’s hard to say exactly when.

More surprising though is the fact that these screenshots include specific instructions on how to use the game’s link cable functionality. In fact, similar instructions were discovered for every game on the service that originally included those capabilities.

Making use of the linking function between games can unlock bonus features, such as an art gallery when connecting Zero Mission and Fusion to each other. This is a good sign that Nintendo is planning on utilizing these features in current and future Game Boy and Game Boy Advance releases on Nintendo Switch Online. Hopefully, we learn more soon about how it will work, and what games will be included (Pokémon, perhaps?).

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