The Community Manager at Avalanche Studios took to Twitter to reveal an unusual side project from the developers of Hogwarts Legacy. Apparently, they noticed that some players like to mess with the cats you can meet in the game. In response, they decided to create a special cat capable of reacting with its own magic. See the video embedded below.

As you can see, this cat is immune to magic spells, and will react to any harmful attempts with an immediate Avada Kedavra, resulting in a Game Over screen for the player. Unfortunately, this magical cat was just designed for fun and internal testing, and there are currently no plans for it to make its way into the official game.

Hogwarts Legacy is still set for a July 25th release on Nintendo Switch, with or without murderous felines.

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bahamut omega

1+ y ago

Makes me wonder what would happen if that cat pulled some of the magic off from Slayers. Cute little pussy just had to flatten a nice chunk of the town, or perhaps majorly mess up and destroy the world by summoning the Lord of Nightmares.