We’ve seen plenty of clips and trailers for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie so far, but yet another promo video has been released. While this one mostly covers ground we’ve seen already, there is a notable inclusion in terms of music.

The various videos for the Super Mario Bros. movie have revealed that the soundtrack will include new renditions of classic Mario tunes from throughout the franchise’s history. It appears that one such tune getting a movie makeover will be Gusty Gardens from Super Mario Galaxy.

Want to hear what movie take on Gusty Gardens sounds like for yourself? Check out the 30 second mark in the clip above to give it a listen!

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1+ y ago

The Gusty Gardens theme is one of my favourite tunes from Super Mario Galaxy. It’s very possible the music is just used as “trailer music” and doesn’t actually appear in the movie. That’s a common practice. We’ve seen the same clips in other trailers where the music isn’t played so it seems like it’s just for this complication.


1+ y ago

Geez... spoilers much?? How are they gonna just reveal the plot before the movie is released?! Next, we'll find out that Mario defeats Bowser at the end and saves the Mushroom Kingdom!