The GBA SP is a beautiful portable in and of itself, but mods can take the system even further. While there are plenty of unique and custom-made cases for the GBA SP that you can buy online, some people want to take things one step further with designs we’ve never seen before. That’s exactly what Miguel of Retro Stash Repairs has done, resulting in a one-of-a-kind LEGO GBA SP.

While you might think something like this is as easy as gluing a few LEGO onto an existing GBA SP, a lot more had to go into the project. You’ll need access to some power tools and knowledge of the GBA SP hardware itself in order to put together something like this, which is probably why we haven’t seen anyone else tackle the idea!

If you’re curious to see how this LEGO GBA SP came together, and the surprising amount of work that went into the project, check out the video above!


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1y ago

*Builds a functional GBA SP CASE entirely out of Lego