Official Pokémon socks now available from Pokémon Center Online

Regrettably, there are no Sawk socks

16 March 2023
by quence 0

An official set of Pokémon socks are now available to order from Pokémon Center Online. The socks come in a wide variety of designs inspired by classic and modern Pokémon, and most of them come in varying lengths. See below for a highlight of what’s on offer.

  • Sprigatito (23-25 cm) - 1,540 yen
  • Fuecoco (23-25 cm) - 1,540 yen
  • Quaxly (23-25 cm) - 1,540 yen
  • Fidough - 495 yen
  • Paldean Wooper - 495 yen

In addition, there are sock designs based on Gengar, Eevee, Magikarp, Snorlax, Togepie, Mew, Growlithe, and more!

Click here to browse the complete collection and order some for yourself.

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