The Silent Kingdom, a story-driven, otome role-playing game about narrative choice, has received funding for a PC release in less than 10 hours. The game’s creator, Lucky Cat, has set a $50,000 stretch goal for a Switch port ($12,000 more) on The Silent Kingdom’s Kickstarter campaign.

The story is described as a “dark tale of a princess who must corrupt her own soul in order to save her kingdom, reaping death and sorrow along the path.” As well as featuring an emotional story, a choice-driven narrative, and romance-able companions, the game is also promised to include anime style CGs and be fully playable in English and Spanish. The game is currently planned to be episodic, and 3 episodes (excluding the prologue) are currently slated to release. Each episode is planned to be released every 6 or 7 months, but Lucky Cat does denote that this time frame is a rough estimate.

This indie game is being made by a single developer in RPG Maker MV, with hopes to upgrade to Unity. To research The Silent Kingdom more, as well as to back the campaign, you can check out the game’s Kickstarter.

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