Pizza Possum coming to Switch, new trailer shared

Just don't order a possum pizza by mistake

23 March 2023
by quence 0

Indie action game Pizza Possum has been announced for a Nintendo Switch release during the 2023 Future Games Show Spring Showcase. In this game you play as a pesky possum eating as much as you can while trying to avoid guards. Right now it’s just listed as “coming soon”, so stay tuned for more specific info on the release date for this one.

Life is good when you are a possum. You can eat all you want, and there is no one who can stop you. Well, except for all the guard dogs patrolling the village you’re in. But really, who are they to stop you. Besides, if you get chased, a quick hide in the bushes will often do the trick and get them off your scent. So what are you waiting for? Time to eat!

[Future Games Show]

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