We have a real mix of a show today. Things start off with a serious topic, but we get lighter from there on out. Nintendo toy reveals, Peepsi taste test, apologizing to Doug Bowser, big praise for Bayonetta and plenty more!

Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!
Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!

Thanks to DonutMuffin for putting together this week’s timestamps!

  • 0:00:32 Intro
  • 0:00:47 Mr. Rime Description
  • 0:03:33 Hello to Our Discord
  • 0:06:56 Crew’s Here?
  • 0:07:39 Puns Discussion
  • 0:10:12 Jirard ‘‘The Completionist’’ Khalil Discussion
  • 0:32:30 RawMeat’s Dream Discussion
  • 0:37:17 Doug Bowser Discussion
  • 0:38:06 The Super Mario Bros. Movie Discussion & Toys Unboxing
  • 0:46:02 Let’s Get Into News
  • 0:46:24 GoNintendo Video Content
  • 0:48:25 Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Producer Teases Gameplay That Lets You ‘Change the World’
  • 0:51:01 Fire Emblem Engage: Expansion Pass - Wave 4 Arrives on April 5th, 2023
  • 0:51:54 FIFA 23: Legacy Edition is North America’s Next Nintendo Switch Online Free Game Trial
  • 0:53:33 Shotgunning Bowser’s Fat Stacks
  • 1:02:40 The Right Time to Drink a Peep-Flavoured Pepsi Discussion
  • 1:05:47 Atelier Ryza 3 Producer Says They’re Moving Away from Fan Service
  • 1:17:18 North American Switch eShop Releases
  • 1:21:42 What’s Your Deal with Trains, RMC?
  • 1:26:02 European Switch eShop Releases
  • 1:29:39 North American Switch eShop Releases
  • 1:32:39 European Switch eShop Releases
  • 1:28:52 Nintendo Patents Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Master Sword Design
  • 1:30:19 Hal Answers Kirby Mysteries Including ‘What’s Inside Kirby’ and more
  • 1:34:32 What the Fart MomBrain Played
  • 1:35:34 What Kirby Played
  • 1:40:14 What Deux Played
  • 1:48:20 What RMC Played
  • 2:04:46 Podcast Question
  • 2:10:18 Patron Question
  • 2:21:21 Music Trivia
  • 2:32:22 Peepsi Challenge
  • 2:34:57 Deux’s Views: Rumor of the Week
  • 2:37:35 Outro

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1+ y ago

I love the new placeholder artwork!


1y ago

I want to say what Deux was talking about was a piece of art that you wanted to share with a story. The artist said they didn’t want it posted, even though you said you would credit them. Something along these lines! 🤔

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1y ago


Ahhhhh...THAT I remember. Yes, a piece of Switch art that was wrestling related. I'll have to ask if that's what he was talking about. Thank you!