YouTube channel justonegamr has uploaded a graphics and content comparison video between the North American and Japanese versions of The House of the Dead: Remake. The first segment is a side-by-side look at both variations, followed by game play segments of each edition individually.

Of note in the pinned comment, justonegamr notes the reasons for the altered and toned down content in the Japanese release:

“Just to further explain what’s going on. Violence in videos games gets toned down quite a bit in Japan, especially with dismemberment. I first heard about this when the demo of RE2 Remake was released. So with the release of THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD Remake, changes to the game were made with its release in Japan. As you can see in the video, bodies don’t fall apart into pieces and instead glow brighter in the affected areas. Also, you can’t kill any of the scientists with your weapons. Due to that last fact, there are actually less achievements in the Japanese version of the game. Don’t know for sure if this is all the changes with the Japanese version, but it’s what I’ve noticed most. The dismemberment doesn’t affect gameplay really, but the inability to harm scientists certainly does. So yeah, just something I figured I should share since it became apparent to me that the Japanese version I bought in order to play the game early was actually less gory compared to other regions.”

The House of the Dead: Remake is available digitally now on the Nintendo Switch eShop and a physical release set for later in the Spring.

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2y ago

The Japanese are so strange. They take issue with zombies, but have no problem with questionably scantily clad, big bossomed young girls. And here in the West, what's OK for Japan is often censored.

As someone from europe I don't get the toned down violence in Japan but I also don't get the rising age rating in America every time a femal nipple is shown or the word fuck is said more than once in a movie.