The Town Tune in the Animal Crossing franchise has long been a staple of symbolic creativity from the original game all the way through New Horizons. It’s a short little melody in which the player can customize that will echo throughout their town at the top of each hour, and a hint of it will also play when entering buildings and speaking to their villagers.

But while many fans know the sound of the tune varies depending on the situation and context of when it plays, YouTube channel Re:Direct did some extensive research on the matter. What they discovered goes far beyond simple randomness and actually ties into a deeper context. For starters, it is clear the town tune sounds just slightly different from villager to villager, but did you know the tone and difference in the presentation is actually based on the personality of the animal you are speaking to?

And that is only the tip of the iceberg. Check out the video below as it takes a very deep dive into the endless variations that your simple tune can take and the meanings behind them.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons debuted on the Nintendo Switch in March of 2020 and has become the second biggest selling game on the platform to date with over 37 million copies sold.

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2+ y ago

Honestly, the most shocking thing to me is still how I had been perturbed by the lack of customization in the town tune editor, only to realize how much better this feature is *because* of those limitations! Sometimes it’s nice to be put in your place 😅