Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is available now on Nintendo Switch, and Digital Foundry has taken the time to compare its graphics and performance to earlier versions of the game in great detail. Unfortunately, what they found was a laundry list of problems that make it pale in comparison to what you may remember from back in the day, including poor framerate, resolution issues, and compressed sound.

The good news is that the Nintendo Switch version of the game compares rather favorably to other console versions of the game. If you’re planning on picking the game up on Switch, you won’t be losing out on anything, technically speaking. Watch the full video above for a complete, in-depth examination.

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2y ago

Square is really bad at old ports.

bahamut omega

2y ago


No doubt.

Chrono Trigger for PC amongst others was a dog's breakfast, let alone the entire meal set out for at least a week. Using mobile ports for a PC/Console release? Not a good idea from paper or practice.