"Meet Wario" promo shared by Nintendo

He's-a Wario. He's-a gonna win.

01 April 2023
by quence 1

Nintendo has decided that April Fool’s Day was the best day to share Episode 7 of their Play Nintendo “Characters” series which is all about Wario. The video covers everyone’s favorite garlic eating weirdo and some of the games he’s featured in on Switch. Stay tuned for a trivia quiz at the end, and see how much Wario knowledge you’ve got!

You might know Mario, but do you know WARIO? This guy has a big personality, and just might be as wacky as his mustache! Watch him play microgames in the Wario Ware! Get it Together game, check out his racing skills in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game, and be dazzled by his moves in the Mario Strikers: Battle League game. Then, ready yourself for a fun Nintendo trivia quiz activity, all about Wario!

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1y ago

Why make the quiz so easy? And it sounded like he said Mario time...