The buzz for the Super Mario Bros. Movie has reached a fever pitch and it seems that all the hype will result in a big payload for Nintendo and Illumination.

Deadline reports that the Super Mario Bros. Movie is on track to earn $225 Million in it’s opening weekend.

If this comes to pass this would make the Mario Movie the highest opening weekend for an Illumination movie ever, beating out the previous record holder Minions: The Rise of Gru at $107M.

That isn’t even speaking of how much it will out perform the original 1993 Mario Movie which bombed at the Box Office with a $39M life time Gross.

While nothing has come to pass yet the writing on the walls seems clear that Nintendo’s return to the big screen will be successful.

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1y ago

Just some slight clarification, technically everything in this article is correct, however, the 225 million estimate is worldwide, not just in the United States. The Minions number is for domestic US only over the course of a 3 day period, $123 million if you include the 4th day for the holiday weekend it was released.

The estimate for Mario in the US is $125 million from Wednesday thru Sunday. Hope I'm not coming off as "Uhm acktually"ing. I work at a movie theater and am always reading about box office grosses for movies and find the topic interesting!


1y ago


Thank you for the clarification! I was curious how the estimate was $100M more than Minions but just chalked it up to the film's heavy marketing and anticipation, it being the domestic gross makes much more sense.