Speedrunner highfivefromryan recently got through the entirety of Have A Nice Death in just 28 minutes. IGN gathered Simon Dutertre (lead designer) and Yannick Mones (gameplay programmer) from Magic Design Studios together to watch the speedrun for themselves and comment on it as it goes. Watch the full video above to see what they think! Have A Nice Death is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop, so you can give it a go yourself after watching.

Ride along with developers from Magic Design Studios as they watch and react to an incredible Vacation% speedrun of their game. Speedrunner “highfivefromryan” earns himself a staggering in-game completion time of just over 17 minutes, with the real-time of the run being just over 28 minutes.

Have A Nice Death is a hand-drawn roguelike 2D action game, starring Death himself. Players travel through the headquarters of Death Incorporated, fighting against employees that have been reaping too many souls, with departmental heads as bosses.

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