The Super Mario Bros. Movie is chock full of Easter eggs and references for eagle eyed Mario fans, but you’ve got to have eagle EARS to catch every single one of them. That’s because the movie’s musical score features dozens of snippets of classic tunes from various Mario (and Donkey Kong) titles.

The movie’s composer Brian Tyler previously stated that at least 130 different Mario songs were referenced throughout the film. Now, YouTuber Some Boi Online has gone through the entire soundtrack and painstakingly pointed out every single reference that they could find. See the results of their efforts via the video above, and marvel at all the musical cues you might have missed!

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1y ago

I’m just a bit disappointed that, in order to highlight how tough Peach now is, they had to degrade the series’ hero, turning him into a Homer-Simpson-esque character, with his only competence coming from powerups. Completely different from the game.

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That's just how it is nowadays. If your movie features a strong, independant woman then the male characters are going to be bumbling idiots.