Sergey Oganesyan, community manager for Ukranian developer Frogware games, recently sat down with Nintendo Life to discuss how their work has been impacted by the ongoing struggle in the country. They also spoke on Frogware’s previous works, such as the Sherlock Holmes games and The Sinking City.

First up, it seems that Switch owners were extremely eager to check out Sherlock Holmes content. Previous installments have done well on Switch, and Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments is no different.

The response from the Switch community is bigger than we thought. We had hopes that Sherlock would find its audience, but we certainly didn’t expect such a warm reception! It felt nice seeing all the positive comments about our game coming through and seeing people enjoying the mystery that we created. There’s a buzz in seeing people enjoying what you created. Bringing Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments to the Nintendo Switch also exceeded our expectations financially too. We’ll definitely keep the console in our future plans.

[Sergey Oganesyan]

Oganesyan also elaborated upon the situation their studio is currently facing, as they’re located in Ukraine.

As during the COVID-19 pandemic active phase, our team has now switched to remote-only mode due to the ongoing war. At the moment, our entire team is scattered in different safe corners of Ukraine, Europe, and the globe, and keeps actively working on the projects. Now we rely on each other more than ever. There are some team members who joined the Ukrainian armed forces, others are involved in volunteer assistance, and the rest of the team are covering their fellow Frogwarians who are defending our homeland. Such a wartime approach allows the studio to function as it used to.

[Sergey Oganesyan]

Finally, when Oganesyan was asked about future Switch support, it does seem we can expect more down the road. Oganesyan wouldn’t share specifics, but did state that the Frogwares team is considering what might be worth tackling next.

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2y ago

That last quote. It's heart-wrenching. Q_Q
I hope one day we will manage to get above waging wars.