A new wave of information for Ys X: Nordics has been released. Today, we get details on Dogi, Glen, Rosalind, Cruz, and ‘Mana Actions,’ and all of that comes with new screens and art as well. If you want to see the fresh assets, you can find a gallery here. As for the information, you can find the full breakdown below courtesy of a translation from Gematsu.

Dogi (voiced by Kenta Miyake) - Age: 23

A cheerful, muscular thief Adol met in Esteria. He specializes in hand-to-hand combat, and his signature strong fist is powerful enough to smash through rock walls. After his adventure in the Ancient Kingdom of Ys, Dogi decides to leave the life of thievery behind. He seems to have an inexplicable bond with adol, and accompanies him while looking out for him and his sparkling eye for new adventures.

Glen Berge (voiced by Yuusuke Kobayashi) - Age: 18

A young man and member of the vigilante corps in the town of Carnack. While his consistently positive and enthusiastic disposition sometimes leads to him spinning his wheels on his own, his offhand remarks often hit the heart of the matter, which has earned him the respect of his peers. Although he is the eldest son of Carnack’s Mayor Berge, he himself loathes its mention.

Rosalind Lazveli (voiced by Yoshino Aoyama) - Age: 16

The poster girl for the town’s popular Lazveli Tavern, adoringly known by the nickname Rosa. Concerned about Adol, a boy of the same age on an adventure, she starts talking to him. She is well-mannered and considerate of those around her, and is even said to be “more mature than her parents” by the tavern’s regulars. Perhaps because of her sometimes nagging nature, she has become close friends with Glen and Cruz, boys of the same age as her.

Cruz Carpent (voiced by Yuuya Hirose) - Age: 16

Cruz is the heir to the prosperous Carpent Company in Carnack. He is close friends with Glen and Rosalind, as they grew up in the same town, but due to his family’s busy workload, he has recently become distant. He loves reading and has a wealth of knowledge across various fields. While he may seem quiet, he has a surprising ability to take initiative. As a child, he even caused an incident when he tried to stow away on one of the Romun Empire’s merchant ships.

■ Expand Your Exploration and Combat Skills with the New Element “Mana Action”

By obtaining special items called “antiques,” you will be able to activate special actions called “Mana Actions,” which utilize the sacred power “mana” passed down among the oceanic people.

Additionally, as you discover the “stone tablets” scattered throughout Obelia Bay, your understanding of antiques will deepen, allowing you to strengthen the abilities of your Mana Actions.

Mana String

A Mana Action that extends a string of mana from the “Spinning Wheel of Nornir,” enabling the use of pendulum-like movement to travel to distant points.

Your string’s strength will increase as your Mana Actions strengthen. It will become possible to pull out objects to use as footholds, as well as flip switches in dungeons.

Mana Ride

A Mana Action to jump onto the “Grimble Board,” lift off the ground, and glide along your path. The Grimble Board allows you to travel over water, which is normally not possible, as well as glide along “wind paths” for high-speed mid-air travel.

And by entering spots called “Wind Pools,” you can launch into the air like a catapult, allowing you to easily clear areas that are difficult to achieve by the jump action.

Additionally, your Grimble Board’s performance will improve as your Mana Actions strengthen. Even on slopes with strong water currents, it will be able to gain propulsion and reverse.

Mana Burst

An attribute-based mana attack Adol and Karja can unleash through a charge attack. Adol’s “fire” attacks and Karja’s “ice” attacks can deal damage to enemies within range.

Outside of combat, Mana Burst can be used as an action for trailblazing new exploration routes, such as by using Adol’s fire to burn ivy in a dungeon or Karja’s ice to create footholds.

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