Nippon Ichi Software has announced the horror visual novel collection Hayarigami 1-2-3 Pack for Switch in Japan. This will be a physical pack that hits retailers on July 27th, 2023 for 5,980 yen. Those interested in digital releases can pick up each game for 1,980 yen apiece.

Hayarigami 1-2-3 Pack includes Hayarigami: Keishichou Kaii Jiken File, Hayarigami 2: Keishichou Kaii Jiken File, and Hayarigami 3: Keishichou Kaii Jiken File. The first two games released on PS2, PSP and DS. The third game only saw release on PSP.

There’s no word on localization for Hayarigami 1-2-3 Pack at this time, but we do have more details on the release itself. You can get the full breakdown below, courtesy of a translation from Gematsu.

On July 27, 2023, Nippon Ichi Software will bring the popular horror adventure series Hayarigami: Keishicho Kaii Jiken File (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Strange Case Files) to the latest consoles, including Switch. The series will be sold in the form a single package, and will be called Hayarigami 1-2-3 Pack.

Hayarigami: Keishicho Kaii Jiken File is a horror adventure game about solving strange cases centered on urban legends. It is a popular series spanning many years and played on all different types of hardware. The first entry in the series was released in August 2004, titled Hayarigami: Keishicho Kaii Jiken File for PlayStation 2. Since then, Hayarigami 2: Keishicho Kaii Jiken File was released in 2007, and Hayarigami 3: Keishicho Kaii Jiken File followed in 2009, all set in the same universe.

This Hayarigami 1-2-3 Pack optimizes all three games in the series for the latest hardware, including all additional scenarios, making this the COMPLETE version.

We hope you will look forward to Hayarigami 1-2-3 Pack, which will allow you to play through all the games in this horror adventure series that is also the magnum opus of Nippon Ichi Software.

■ The Hayarigami Series is Now Beautifully Reborn and Easier to Play on the Newest Hardware

High-Definition Graphics

Graphics have been reprocessed from their original versions. The Hayarigami series has been beautifully revived with crystal clear images.

All Additional Scenarios and Content Are Included

Hayarigami 1-2-3 Pack includes “Sukima-roku,” which was added in the DS versions of Hayarigami and Hayarigami 2; the “Hitomi Route” from Hayarigami 2 Portable; all the audio drama files; and the mini-game “Mary from Old School Building.” You can experience the entire Hayarigami series with this one package.

■ What is Hayarigami: Keishicho Kaii Jiken File?

The actual existence of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Basement Level 5 has not been recognized by the general public. But it is here that the Police Historical Archives Room resides, where there are shelves upon shelves of mysterious case records that cannot be comprehended by common sense. It is also where our main protagonist and assistant police inspector Junya Kazami works.

His work consists of looking at case files that deal with the occult, analyzing all possible causes, and correctly categorizing and organizing each file.

The Historical Archives team consists of two other members:

Sergeant Soichiro Kogure, a dignified detective who calls the higher-ranked Kazami as his “Senpai,” despite being older than him.

Inspector Ranko Indo, a gambling addict that, at times, would watch TV all day without working. And so another day, another stream of mysterious cases brought to the Police Historical Archives Room…

■ Characters

Junya Kazami (players will be able to change their name)

The main protagonist of the Hayarigami series, and a detective working at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Historical Archives Room. His rank is assistant police inspector.

He was originally moving up on the career path in the investigation division, but due to a certain case involving a mysterious phenomenon, he transferred to the Historical Archives Room.

When it comes to strange cases, he has the flexibility to expand his thinking with both a scientific and occult mindset.

Soichiro Kogure

Detective at the Historical Archives Room. His rank is sergeant. Kogure became the protagonist’s partner on the first case he was in charge of. From then on, they have worked together at the Historical Archives Room. He looks as if he is a seasoned veteran, but he is actually a single man in his 20s. With a Third Dan in judo, a Third Dan in kendo, a Second Dan in karate, he is undoubtedly a fiery person. But despite his looks, he absolutely cannot stand blood and scary stories.

Ranko Indo

The master of the Historical Archives Room, and a police inspector who talks with a sketchy Osaka accent. Even though she is the protagonist’s superior, she rarely works and either watches TV or partakes in state-controlled gambling. On the rare occasion, she shows her extensive knowledge, making her a woman full of mystery herself.

Suimei Kirisaki

A professor of folklore teaching at “Sumino University” in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. He has much knowledge regarding the occult and urban legends. After losing both of his parents when he was in middle school, he was taken in by the protagonist’s family, and so he is like an older brother to him. It seems like he is pursuing the truth about a particular case……

Hitomi Shikibu

A medical examiner at Kamone University Hospital who also teaches forensics as an assistant professor. She is a friend of Kirisaki from their university days, but contrastingly a non-believer in the occult. A past experience with a strange case has left her physically and emotionally damaged, which she does not speak about to anyone.

Yuka Mamiya

A self-proclaimed “Occult Journalist” and a student at the university where Kirisaki teaches. She considers herself to be Kirisaki’s assistant, although he has not acknowledged that. Ever since experiencing a bizarre case in high school, she has taken an interest in the paranormal. She is almost annoyingly passionate about solving strange cases. Despite this, she has absolutely no sense for the paranormal.

Kagome Kamoizumi

Making her debut in Hayarigami 2, she is an assistant inspector working for the crime lab research team. She has a sharp tongue, is bossy and selfish, but at the same time oblivious to her own traits. She has blind faith in science, and vehemently denies the existence of the occult. She seems to always have it out for our protagonist.

Kaoru Haguro

A character who debuted in Hayarigami 3, and an officer at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Criminal Affairs Division. Genuinely personable with glasses as his charm, he is friendly with many higher-ups, as well as with all the ladies. Being a true occult nerd, he is always interested in the cases handled by the Historical Archives Room.

Akihiko Domyouji

A mysterious person who randomly appears to bring strange cases to the Historical Archives Room. He claims to be a detective at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, but because he changes his position and affiliation every time he appears, no one knows the truth. Despite being a suspicious figure, the information he brings is often very important to the members of the Historical Archives Room, and so this unpleasant individual has been able to garner trust from the members of the Historical Archives Room.

■ How to Play Hayarigami

The Hayarigami series is a horror adventure game with a focus on urban legends. Everyday, a strange and mysterious case with an urban legend theme occurs around our detective protagonist.

Collect “keywords” throughout the story, then deduce and choose what you believe is the correct option at pivotal points in the game. Use your wits and find the truth about the case!

Depending on the choices made, the story will branch into a “Science Route” or “Occult Route,” and the way the story unfolds may change significantly.

—As you progress through the story, “keywords” that are relevant to the case at hand will appear. Collecting these keywords, organizing cases, and drawing conclusions will lead you to the truth.

—The cases that our protagonist encounters feature those that cannot be explained by science. The choices made may lead to investigations and deductions influenced by occult elements.

■ System Information

In order to solve the many difficult and bizarre cases, the “Hayarigami” series utilizes a handful of mechanics. A player must use these system mechanics to talk to as many characters as they can, in order to collect keywords along the way to solve cases. A total score is then assessed at the end depending on the player’s understanding of the case. If the score is higher than a C, they will be able to proceed to the next scenario.

Inference Logic

During “Inference Logic,” obtained keywords are matched with character names to create a correlation chart of parties involved in the case. Complete these charts by correctly recollecting information pertinent to the case. Depending on the story route taken, the truth uncovered in a case may change.

Self Question

A mode that determines the direction of the investigation by organizing information and trying to deduce the perpetrator’s motive and identity. The choices made here may greatly affect the following story, or even lead to an immediate Game Over…!

Courage Points

Some choices will require “Courage Points” for a player to select them. Throughout the story, the protagonist must make a plethora of decisions that determine their thoughts and actions. Some specific choices will have an orange symbol next to them, which means the player must use some of their Courage Points in order to select them. If a player is not careful about when they use their Courage Points, he or she may not be able to choose an option they want to when the time comes!


As the story progresses, police jargon and occult terminology may be recorded in the F.O.A.F. file in the Database. It is here where you can find further details regarding words that may not have been used often during the main story of the game. A high collection rate my lead to the decoding of a new case…?

Game Over

Making the wrong choice or not scoring anything higher than a “C” will lead to a Game Over. Investigate the contents of the case carefully, and find the hidden truth to the mystery!

Useful Features to Help You Solve Mysteries Quickly, Accurately, and Comfortably

—Easy Access to Often-Used Features by Registering Them in the “ShortCut BOX”!

—Use the story tree browser to keep track of how you are progressing through the story. You can even jump back to a specific time where the story branches.

—Stamps will show which options have already been chosen, providing easy navigation through replays!

—Of course, all features that you expect to find in text-based adventure games are available to you, such as auto-play and skip-to-choice.

■ Pre-order Bonus Content Information

Every person who pre-orders Hayarigami 1-2-3 Pack will be presented with the original soundtrack featuring all the in-game music across the series!

(This bonus is only available for those who preorder the physical edition. The same bonus will be given no matter what store the pre-order is made.)

■ Digital Edition

Each game can be purchased individually via the digital editions.

An affordable option that caters to many different needs, such as for players who simply want to play their favorite game in the series one more time, or would like to experience just a taste of this series without having to purchase all three games.

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned veteran, please keep an eye out for this version as well!

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