Jack Black’s rendition of ‘Peaches’ from The Super Mario Bros. Movie has taken the Internet by storm, becoming a viral hit and even landing on the Billboard Top 100. Of course, the international versions of the movie feature entirely unique voice casts, and now the Japanese rendition of the song is available for listening online.

The version of Peaches featured in the Japanese soundtrack was done by SliverK, a Japanese pop artist. It appears to have the exact same lyrics as the English version (except of course, that they’re translated into Japanese).

You can listen to it in all its glory via the video embedded above. It’s also currently streaming on Spotify. Which version do you prefer?


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1M ago

They're BOTH pretty crappy.


1M ago

Painful. But I also think that the song in and of itself is bad.


1M ago

That sounds so bad... Doesn't sound like he has a good singing voice to begin with.