XSEED’s Trinity Trigger just arrived this week on Switch, and it’s a real love letter to classic JRPGs of a bygone era. In a new interview with Siliconera, Trinity Trigger’s director Takumi Isobe discusses exactly what those specific influences were. He says that the Final Fantasy series was his biggest personal influence, citing the feeling of the Floating Continent for the first time as a particularly impactful moment.

Secret of Mana was apparently another major influence on the game’s development. In fact, two of the game’s developers, Yuki Nobuteru and Hiroki Kikuta, worked on the original Secret of Mana. Below, Isobe talks about how that experience lent itself to work on Trinity Trigger.

“…we started this project with the intention of creating something Secret of Mana fans would enjoy. I myself replayed Secret of Mana for research while planning Trinity Trigger. Three key features made an impression on me: music, natural beauty, and cooperation. These features became our basis for creating a completely new world.

I believe music was the most iconic aspect of Secret of Mana, so I approached Hiroki Kikuta, the original composer, and shared my ideas for Trinity Trigger with him. He composed the soundtrack with his own unique and nostalgic touch, and naturally it turned out amazing.”

[Takumi Isobe, Siliconera]

Click here to read the full interview, where you can learn more about the characters and mechanics of Trinity Trigger, which is available now on Switch.

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