A new line of Pokémon merch is now available at The Pokémon Center store in Japan, featuring a range of Pikachu plushes. What separates these Pikachus from past merch options? Every single one of them is unique, so that no two Pikachus are exactly the same!

Each Pikachu from this new collection has its own distinct features which could range from the obvious (facial expressions) to the not so obvious (tail length, stuffing thickness). If you can’t decide which Pikachu you want, The Pokémon Center in Japan will even choose one for you, presenting it to you in a special display. Unfortunately, the My Pikachu line is only available in Japan at this time, and they’re reportedly difficult to obtain even there!

For more photos and details, check out Twitter user @princess_snivy’s first-hand report of the My Pikachu experience.

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1y ago

Is there a Fat Pikachu?