Via ResetEra, three new job listings have appeared on Bandai Namco Studio’s Careers page. All three jobs, as translated from Japanese, state that the positions are for a 3D action game that was contracted by Nintendo. The third listing further suggests that the game could be a remaster/remake, as the job requires the employee to do HD remastering of 3D backgrounds. The titles for the positions are for a planner and for two visual artists.

What game do you think this could be, if it is a remaster or remake? Do you think, if this title comes out, we will see it on Switch, or its successor?

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2y ago

RMC said it the "other" day. They're remaking Metroid: Other M. 😉

I don't think it was a bad game by any means, I liked it, but it could be improved greatly with some simple changes.

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No. NO. NO! Your lies and slander are not appreciated!


2y ago

Alright everyone we have waited almost 25 years but it's time for the remake/remaster we've ALL been waiting for...Donkey Kong 64! Now with double the collectibles and triple the playable Kongs.


2y ago

The more you think about it, the more Kid Icarus: Uprising makes sense as the title. It could benefit from nicer upgraded HD visuals, and improved controls. Plus Bandai Namco have worked with Sakurai before, though I don't know if he'd be involved in this.

I'd love for this to be true. Kid Icarus without those 3ds controls and a stand would greatly improve the experience.


2y ago

I have absolutely zero insight on this, but I really would love for it to be Kid Icarus: Uprising. I'd love to play that game again, and the Switch seems like the perfect platform for a remaster.


2y ago

Come on Captain Rainbow!

giancarlo thomaz senoni

2y ago

remake of Kid Icarus Uprising or Mysterious Castle Muramasa for Switch sucessor?

Yeah, I'm leaning toward this as well. It's the kind of huge game that if you just make it HD, it already has enough content to be a full release, as-is. Plus the online would give more value to NSO for sure.

Nintendo has to be aware of the impact of this game. I know it sold decently well and Sakurai often talks about how people want a rerelease a lot. Plus, we know Sakurai's working on something and he was just working on Smash with Bandai Namco...


2y ago


Online in Kid Icarus: Uprising was fantastic! I've spend more hours there than with the main game.


2y ago


I would love this. One of my favorite games on the wii


2y ago

Wow, I see I'm not the only one who thought of Kid Icarus Uprising. Easily one of my favorite 3DS games. I would love to see it remade for Switch and not just a simple HD upscaling.


2y ago

Well, 3D action game is very vague and can be anything. Maybe is that Metroid Prime remaster/remake they have been rumoring?

I guess in any case it will take some time, seeing how they are still looking for those positions.

"Well, 3D action game is very vague and can be anything."

Exactly. Could be StarFox for all we know. If it's 3D there's several to pick from N64 and up. Hell, it could even be the F-Zero game (some) people have been bitching about for so long now. If we want to go all crazy it could be Sin&Punishment even.


2y ago

Obviously, this is going to be Eternal Darkness.