A series of updated trademarks have been discovered, featuring a few different titles.

A trademark for “Lenneth” was filed by Square Enix on April 7th in Australia. The filing seems to be referring to Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, a game which last saw a release for mobile platforms in 2018 following its 2006 Playstation Portable launch.

Further, two trademarks filed by Bandai Namco Entertainment have also been found. These trademarks were filed in Canada on April 11th. The filings in question are for “Fishing Spirits” as well as “Ace Angler”. These titles belong to a series of arcade-style fishing games which hasn’t seen a western release despite having two titles on Nintendo Switch in the east.

It remains to be seen what the companies intend to do with these trademarks.

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2y ago

I'll take some Ace Angler. Any excuse to dust off my fishing pole accessory.


2y ago


You know, I don't think I've ever really played a fishing game, and I have no clue why that is. Maybe this is the one I should give a go!


2y ago

This was originally a PS1 game, not a PSP game. The PSP version was a port of the PS1 game.

Arcade is probably the best entry point over simulation. Could be a future parents play!