The Last Worker is a narrative adventure game that launched on Switch a little over a month ago. The game tackles some heavy, modern themes, most notably the effects of late stage capitalism. In a new interview with, director Jörg Tittel discusses his reverence for video games as an art form, and how he thinks they can be elevated through the inclusion of politics and originality. You can read a snippet below:

“We are incredibly aligned with tech, but humans have been since the beginning of time,” says Tittel. “What distinguishes us is that we are bringing all of human expression into one medium – it’s exciting as f***. There’s no greater art form than video games. I think that the whole debate of whether games are art is thankfully behind us now, but I want to go a step further – I think they are the greatest art form ever devised.”

“The one thing that will make us stand out and make us survive automation is being ourselves fully, without any apologies, and just be original,” says Tittel. “Because when everything looks the f***ing same, the things that will stand out are the things they’re going to win, right?

“But most games are indistinguishable now. So, let’s be original, let’s be daring. I think that’s ultimately what The Last Worker is about. We worked so hard to make something about automation that is handcrafted with a lot of passion, and a lot of human touch.”

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Tittel has some big ideas about what video games can and should be. He goes into even more detail in the full interview, in which he discusses his disdain for AAA Ubisoft games, and why he loves Vampire Survivors. Not everyone will agree with his takes, but he’s certainly not afraid to share them!

The Last Worker is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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