Loco Motive is an upcoming point-and-click adventure mystery game inspired by Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, as well as classic adventure games like The Secret of Monkey Island.

Traditionally, point and click adventure games have worked best on PC, but they’ve been appearing more and more on consoles in recent years. In a new interview with Nintendo Life, game directors Adam and Joseph Riches discuss the process of making a game in that genre translate well to the Switch.

How is development going for the Nintendo Switch? What challenges have you faced?

Joseph Riches: The ‘chunky’ pixel art style scales well, so I’ve found it perfect for the Switch’s varying display modes. The game looks great whether you’re playing in portable or docked mode.

When it comes to playing point-and-click adventure games on consoles, it was important to us for the controller support to be up to scratch. This was a challenge we wanted to tackle head-on, and as we’ve been able to focus specifically on the Nintendo Switch platform from the outset of development, we’re very happy with the results so far.

Thanks to direct character control and hotspot selection, players are able to easily navigate their way through the game without, say, emulating a cursor. We’ve also been able to implement Nintendo Switch-specific features like HD Rumble!

[Nintendo Life]

Like last year’s Return to Monkey Island, it sounds like the dev team has found ways to use hotspots to make game control easy without the use of a mouse. The fact that HD Rumble is included is also encouraging, indicating that they’re doing what they can to take advantage of the Switch’s capabilities.

As of now, Loco Motive is planned for release on Switch sometime in 2023. Stay tuned to learn about a more specific release date, and click here to view the game’s official eShop listing.

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