The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is going to be analyzed from just about every conceivable angle soon, and that includes its technical aspects. If you were wondering exactly what game engine the title was built on, now you have an answer.

As was pointed out by Twitter user @asasasa98765, Tears of the Kingdom was built using a version of Nintendo’s internal engine known as “LunchPack”. Believe it or not, this is the same engine that was used to build games like Splatoon 3 and Nintendo Switch Sports!

What does this mean for the average player? Probably nothing, as you most likely won’t notice any strong similarities between these games. Still, this goes to show the impressive versatility of the game engine, as Tears of the Kingdom is certainly a very different beast from either Splatoon or Nintendo Switch Sports. Stay tuned as more behind the scenes details are unearthed in the future.

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1y ago

This is pretty amazing....for Nintendo have such a versatile internal engine at their disposal is quite interesting to see from a technical perspective.


1y ago


It's even more interesting as they seem to have an incredibly versatile engine and...they don't say a thing about it.

A far cry from other developers who trumpet their using this or that engine, or companies like Capcom that make it a point to highlight it was built with their in-house engine complete with its own engine logo and branding...


1y ago

No, TotK is not a new engine. This is the BotW engine that has be enhanced and Splatoon 3 and sports would have been developed on this if anything, NOT the other way around.


1y ago

I doubt that Nintendo has an internal engine like Unreal or Frostbite, it appears more likely that they reuse a series of interchangeable libraries that each game has a sort of discreet engine built on top of, this is what would allow them to build games to spec while still allowing them to share code between titles speeding up the development process, so in this sense it would be that Tears of the Kingdom integrated libraries developed for other Switch titles into the existing Breath of the Wild engine.


1y ago

it's not that amazing, convenient? yes but not amazing. rust & cup head both run on the same engine (unity) so it makes since that a game studio as big as Nintendo would have their own engine they can use in house. an engine is merely the tools on which a game is built, kinda like a base plate for a Lego set.