Janelle Monae wears a Flareon onesie in Lipstick Lover music video

But when will she cover the Pokérap?

11 May 2023
by quence 0

Pokémon sometimes pop up in the most unexpected places. For example, singer Janelle Monae just debuted the music video for her latest single titled “Lipstick Lover”, and it features a small cameo from popular Eevee evolution, Flareon.

Towards the end of the video, Monae can be seen wearing a hooded orange onesie, clearly meant to represent Flareon. She walks through a crowd at a party, then jumps into a pool with the onesie still on. (Fortunately, this isn’t a real Flareon, otherwise it would be very weak to water damage.)

Is Janelle Monae a big Pokémon fan, or did this outfit just happen to match with the video’s aesthetic? You can watch the Lipstick Lover video for yourself and see what you think. (Be warned, it’s a little on the risqué side, and is age restricted on YouTube.)


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