Animal themed platform runner ANIMALITY is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop from publishers Tendokore and ColloseusX. Although a listing indicated that it would not be available until later this month, it is in fact out for purchase right now! You can download it for just $4.99.

In Animality, you control animals running through various levels avoiding obstacles and collecting rewards along the way. Click here to learn more, or see the details below.

ANIMALITY is a skill-based animal runner game. The game’s goal is to avoid dragons and demons while trying to grab gems and tokens. Either single-player or with your friend in a local multiplayer co-op, and use these gems to collect nine fabulous pixel art animals!

  • KEY FEATURES: DIFFICULT GAMEPLAY! The game gets faster and more complex with time; you must practice and improve your reflexes.
  • MULTIPLAYER CO-OP! Play with a friend and work together to grab the highest score possible!
  • ELUSIVE DUCK MINIGAME: It takes one minigame token to play, involving seeking out three ducks amongst a stampede of various animals, and seeking out all three will grant you 200 gold coins.
  • ANIMAL DERBY: It takes one minigame token to play; it involves picking an animal out of a selection of nine, and if your animal reaches the finish line first, you will win 300 gold coins.

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