It’s hard to escape from just how powerful and majestic Ganondorf appears in the recently released Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. While fans have been enjoying his new look, some have also wondered what the inspiration was behind this transformation.

Tears of the Kingdom director Hidemaro Fujibayashi has now officially commented on what went into Ganon(dorf)’s appearance in the game. It turns out, his design was in large part due to the love of one particular staff member.

“There’s a staffer [Satoru Takizawa] who’s been in charge of Ganon’s design since Twilight Princess, and Ganon holds a really special place in this staffer’s heart. [laughing]

From my perspective, of course there’s the understanding that Ganondorf is, of course, the evil antagonist, but he also plays almost as important a role as the main hero who stand in contrast to each other as part of this legend. So my only request I made was that because he’s such an important character at the same level as the protagonist, was to really make him a very cool, very awesome demon king.

Because this staff’s a veteran to the franchise, he’s able to really think about the needs and the ones of the entire team. There’s a part of this person that really kind of sealed away the love they have for Ganondorf in the designs that they’ve done in the past. But when I made this request to really make Ganon the way he is — because the spotlight is on him this time around, and he really is a crucial, integral character — I vividly remember the sparkle in this person’s eyes as they heard this. Seeing that love, I was really confident that I could just leave it up to them, knowing something great would come out of it.”

[Hidemaro Fujibayashi, The Verge]

So it turns out we have Satoru Takizawa to thank for Ganondorf’s chiseled abs and muscular shoulders. Ganon does play a much bigger role in this entry, so it’s good that he looks ready for the part!

Click here to read the full interview for more insight and info.

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