While Switch owners are still waiting to play Hogwarts Legacy, new details are emerging about content that was cut from the final game. Potentially one of the biggest missing mechanics is that of a morality system, which has now been datamined and explored in an unfinished state.

According to data found by YouTuber GrandTheftDiamonds, the Hogwarts Legacy morality system was initially intended to be modeled after the House Points system featured in the original books. As a representative for your house, you could gain or lose points for performing various activities. For example, bullying another student would result in a loss of 20 points, while you’d gain 20 points for stopping a bully.

Certain spells would have also resulted in point losses. The infamous killing curse Avada Kedavra for instance, would lose you 100 points if used. Since the points system wasn’t implemented in the final game, you’re now free to use Avada Kedavra as much as you want with impunity!

Hogwarts Legacy is currently scheduled to launch on Switch November 14, 2023 after its most recent delay. Click here to learn more about what was left out of the final game.


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1y ago

At a 100 points I don't think it would be much of a deterrent much like the fines businesses face are written off as the cost of doing business.