Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Pokémon Masters EX have all received a content update. Check out the full details for each game below via

Fire Emblem Heroes

  • [Events] The latest Hall of Forms Revival event is now over. The following Heroes are still available as Forma Units: Celica (Imprisoned Soul), Berkut (Purgatorial Prince), Delthea (Tatarrah’s Puppet), and Sonya (Vengeful Mage) (available until June 20th)
  • [Special Maps] The latest Bound Hero Battle Revival feat. Hapi & Constance is now live (available until May 27th)
  • [Quests] A new set of Quests is now live: Bound Hero Battle (available until May 27th)
  • [Store] The following is now available in the Store: Customization Support Pack. It includes the Bridal Festival Hall Castle Design (5x bonus SP from defeated foes) (available until June 19th, with Castle Design bonus running until August 20th)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

  • [Goals] A new set of Goals is now available: Fresh Crabs Goals (available until May 23rd)
  • [Cookies] A returning Fortune Cookie and related set of Stamp Trade rewards are now available: Opal’s jewel-lab cookie, Molly’s bookshop, Egbert’s cozy cookie (available until May 25th)

Pokémon Masters EX

  • [Events] The latest returning Villain Event, Dreams of the Void, is now live (available until June 10th)
  • [Missions] A new set of Missions is now available: Dreams of the Void (available until June 10th)

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