Tokyo Xanadu eX+'s White Shroud profiled

What's hidden under that shroud?

23 May 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Falcom is bringing Tokyo Xanadu eX+ to the Switch in Japan on June 29th, 2023. The title will be priced at 4,800 yen and will be sold both digitally and physically. Ahead of the game’s release, a number of character profiles have been released. Today introduces us to White Shroud.

White Shroud is one of the playable characters in Tokyo Xanadu eX+. A mysterious knights who belongs to the Kronos Orden. His attribute is Light, which means he has the advantage against all other attributes (Fire, Spirit, Wind, Steel) except Shadow.

Those who pre-order the physical edition of Tokyo Xanadu eX+ will get the “Tokyo Xanadu Complete Works” four-disc soundtrack, which includes 87 songs from Tokyo Xanadu eX+.


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