Nintendo’s official store in Tokyo, Japan has announced that they’ve got a new wave of Pikmin merch for sale after a recent restock! See below for some photos and a summary of what’s available.

  • Pikmin Hoodie - 6,600 Yen
  • Pikmin T-Shirt - 3,300 Yen
  • Pikmin Hair Tie - 1,650 Yen
  • Pikmin Pen - 1,100 Yen
  • Pikmin Ankle Socks - 990 Yen
  • Pikmin Badge - 1,100 Yen
  • Pellet Storage Containers - 2,090 Yen

And that’s just a handful of the goodies available! Click here to browse the complete collection. Unfortunately, these items are currently only available at the official Japanese Nintendo stores or via Nintendo Japan’s online store, but at least the rest of us still have Pikmin 4 to look forward to!

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