While E3 2023 is no more, other companies will no doubt host their own presentations, live-stream events and more. One of those companies is Marvelous Inc., and they’ve already announced preliminary details for their event.

Marvelous will be airing a “Marvelous Game Showcase 2023” live-stream on May 25 at 6 PM ET. The company has said they’ll showcase their lineup of upcoming games, and that includes title we already know of and games currently in development. Specifics on games/platforms have not been shared.

We’ll make sure to share all Switch-related news from this showcase should any arrive.

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1y ago

Coool! And I even get to watch this unlike the Playstation showcase. Well, I get to see half of it so have to watch the beginning later.

The non-E3 E3 has started it seems. Too bad Ninty might be skipping this one =/

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