One of the most entertaining aspects of video game fandom is the creative cosplay outfits. It’s always a treat to see a costume you never expected at a game or anime convention, and this one is no exception. The Pikachu cosplayer pictured above goes by Catherine Pikachu, and they’re clearly extremely dedicated to the celebration of everyone’s favorite electric rodent. You can check out their incredible creation via the tweet below, as it was photographed at last week’s MomoCon in Atlanta, GA.

Catherine’s outfit is made up of over 100 Pikachus plush dolls, plus the Pikachu hood, mask, backpack and suitcase. May this love for Pikachu inspire you to be just as intense with whatever it is that you love!

For more photos and insight into the design of the cosplay, you can follow @CathachuPikachu on Twitter.

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