Overwatch 2’s Pride Month 2023 event has officially kicked off, and with it came a number of new icons, name cards, and even a short story about heroes Baptiste and Pharah’s queer identities. They also completely rethemed the city-based map Midtown so that it takes place during a Pride parade.

One detail about this rethemed map that’s catching players’ eyes (besides the numerous rainbow colored decorations) is the fact that the cop cars which used to be scattered around the city have been given some new paint jobs. The vehicles are now painted with subtler green and blue hues, and any association with the police has been completely removed.

The presence of police at Pride events has been a controversial subject for attendees and organizers in the past. Whether or not this was a deliberate decision on Blizzard’s part or simply an aesthetic choice, we can’t say, as they have yet to comment on the matter officially.

You can see this change (as well as several others) for yourself in the video below.


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