VTubers are all the rage these days, and that includes ones modeled after existing characters. So, who better to transform into a VTuber than fan favorite Breath of the Wild/Tears of the Kingdom character Purah? In order to show off their model rigging skills, Reddit user u/Capn_Cinnamon converted Purah’s in-game model from Tears of the Kingdom to be used as a fully functional VTuber.

As seen in this clip, the Purah model can talk, move her arms and hands, and even remove both pairs of glasses if desired. She can also change her hair color at whim (to avoid copyright issues Capn_Cinnamon jokes in the video).

Will Purah and other Zelda themed VTubers become the new hotness? Probably not, but it’s still fun to see fans demonstrate their technical skills with ideas like this one. Now, let’s all hope for a Groose VTuber in the near future.

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