Bandai has announced that they’ll be partnering with The Pokémon Company to produce a new version of the Japanese tsurigumi gummy candy. These gummies normally represent various sea creatures, and come complete with an edible “line” so you can fish them right out of the packaging.

The new Pokémon themed versions of the candy will follow the same formula, but with Pokémon instead of actual fish. The following water Pokémon will be available to find and eat: Magikarp, Remoraid, Poliwag, Carvanha, Staryu, Lumineon, Lanturn, Qwilfish, Gyarados, Relicanth, and Tentacruel. Check out their designs below.

The candy will be available in select Japanese convenience stores on July 10th, 2023, before a wider release across the country in August 2023.

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