When Sonic Superstars was revealed just a couple days ago, fans were instantly wondering what team was behind the title. Now we have our answer, and it’s one that should make longtime fans of Sonic quite happy.

In an interview with Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka (h/t VGC), we learn that Arzest is handling pretty much everything on Sonic Superstars, which is a studio led by original Sonic creator, Naoto Ohshima. Iizuka event went so far to say that, “Arzest and Ohshima-san are 100% developers of the game.” That said, SEGA is still offering input on design and some other aspects.

Iizuka also mentioned that there were plans to work with Sonic Mania developers Christian Whitehead and Headcannon, but things ended up falling through. That’s what paved the way for an Arzest-developed 2D Sonic title, which gives us Sonic Superstars.

As far as the soundtrack goes, it’s been confirmed that longtime Sonic composer Jun Senoue is taking the reigns. He’ll be steering the audio team, which happens to include Tee Lopes of Sonic Mania, to create a soundtrack that retains the classic Sonic feel.


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1y ago

Wait, isn’t Arzest formerly Artoon? The developer of such atrocities as Yoshi’s Island DS and Yoshi’s New Island?
I will never forgive this dev. We can only hope they won’t screw up this Sonic game too…