Omega Strikers updated to Version 2.2

A mega Omega update

13 June 2023
by quence 0

A brand new update has been released for Omega Strikers, bringing it up to Version 2.2. This update adds a new surrender option, balance adjustments, map changes, and a lot more.

You can get the full details about this update by watching the video above, or check out the in-depth patch notes below.


Surrender System

  • In Normal and Competitive modes, either team may now surrender during the Awakening Draft phase between sets if they have lost at least 2 sets in the game or have a player on their team that is inactive.
  • “Inactive” in most cases means disconnected from the match, but will also apply to players that haven’t made any inputs in 40 seconds of one point.
  • Everyone on the team (not including inactive players) must vote to surrender for a surrender to occur.
  • Teams that surrender lose the match and will lose rank as if they had lost normally.

Auto Match Cancel System

  • If a player is detected as inactive early on into a match, the match will automatically cancel
  • A player that causes an automatic match cancellation will be penalized as if they had lost the match. This penalty will also apply to players in their pre-made group they queued up together with.
  • Penalties will not be incurred if you/your premade member caused an auto-match cancel and it was the first time within the last 2 weeks.

Competitive Mode Integrity Changes

  • Players above Challenger will no longer be able to enter Competitive mode in a premade group, they must queue up solo.
  • Players that solo queue at ANY rank will benefit from higher minimum rating gains if they win a match to balance out cases where they had to fill into a less than ideal match
  • Minimum win rating gains reduced at Challenger tier and above.

New Rank Tier - Pro League

  • We’ve introduced a new rank tier: Pro League. Only the top players in each region can qualify to be within the Pro League tier. A player needs to have at least 100 points in the Omega Tier to be promoted into the Pro League tier.
  • That doesn’t mean once you hit 100 points in Omega you are automatically added to the pro-league!
  • There is a hard limit to the amount of players that can be in the Pro League, so be sure to fight for every LP you can!


  • There is no longer a multiplier that will weigh events more favorably later in the game for the purpose of determining the end of game MVP

Game Content Refund System

  • All accounts start with 3 refund tokens that you can use to refund eligible content.
  • Details on how to use the refund system can be found on our support site.


Night Market and Oni Village

  • Doing some maintenance on these maps by making the Speed boosts boost speed a tiny bit more, but largely aimed at making the rules more consistent.
  • Oni Village Core speed bonus :: 75 → 100
  • Max Core Speed :: 2,000 → 2,100 (now matches previous Night Market max speed)
  • Night Market Core speed boost will more consistently grant speed up to the max (2,100)
  • [BUGFIX] No longer will slow the Core down if it’s already beyond it’s max speed (most frequently happens with Energy Burst into strike)

Practice Mode

  • You can now head into PRACTICE MODE from the queue selector and practice those sick trick shots




  • Our favorite app has gone viral: she’s particularly popular and pretty potent. 5 stars. We’re pulling back on how much reach she has, which we suspect will especially tap her down as a goalie.
  • Glitch.Pop [PRIMARY]
  • Range :: 980 → 900


  • Barrier Beam [PRIMARY]
  • [BUGFIX] Shield no longer occasionally lets the core pass through.


  • Flutter Fly [SECONDARY]
  • [BUGFIX] Resolved an issue where quick casts of her secondary in succession via Twin Drive would not correctly apply the full duration of the buff


  • Flame Flurry [SPECIAL]
  • [BUGFIX] Staggered targets getting hit by the light hit portion will no longer be able to Evade before the final hit


  • Clarion Corp has been hard at work upgrading Rasmus’ signature ability, allowing it to benefit from size, duration, and power modifiers such as Monumentalist and Timeless Creator. Note: Death Touch is still considered a projectile during its initial travel, so it’ll will benefit from projectile modifiers such as Missile Propulsion, but transforms into a creation once it expands. We hope this change gives Rasmus some fun new options during the Awakening draft, even if everyone bans him on Ai.Mi’s App!
  • Death Touch [SPECIAL]
  • Cooldown :: 20s → 18s
  • [NEW] Now considered a CREATION after it enters its empowered state


  • When Octavia gets flowing, she gets winning. She’s already actually pretty strong AND she has a bugfix buff incoming so we’re making sure she doesn’t flow out of control.
  • Flow State [SECONDARY]
  • Cooldown :: Increased from 16s → 18s
  • Base Duration :: Reduced from 2.5s → 2s
  • Haste Gain per Second :: reduced from 2.5% → 2%
  • BUGFIX :: Fixed a bug where Octavia would use a random player’s BUFF duration enhancement stat instead of her own to extend the duration of Flow State


  • Power Chord [PRIMARY]
  • [BUGFIX] Recharge time is no longer unintentionally increased to 8s with Prime Time (always 7s now)


  • Iai Rush [SECONDARY]
  • Indicator now shows full area he’ll hit, instead of location of his dash. This should be much more accurate for enemies now. Note: it’ll also seem bigger for Zentaro but his range is unchanged!
  • Oni’s Blade [SPECIAL]
  • [BUGFIX] If a singular enemy is Staggered within the area during the Special, they will be knockback-locked until the final hit
  • [BUGFIX] Hopefully no longer falls off the map while in the middle of this Special



  • Gear is sitting in a relatively balanced place, but we’re giving Pummelers a bonus to its speed bonus so those KOs translate to wins.
  • Speed on Striker Advantage :: 15% → 20%


  • We’re welcoming some new Energy related Awakenings, rotating out some Awakenings that have been stifling in high MMR play, and doing some bugfixing and light balance. As a reminder: getting rotated out doesn’t mean gone forever!
  • Aerials
  • [BUGFIX] No longer shows a warning for Strikers with mobility abilities
  • Bulk Up and Peak Performance
  • [BUGFIX] Tooltips in game now accurately represent the extra stats given for Stagger
  • Primetime
  • Primary ability hits 10% harder → 5% harder
  • Super Surge
  • DASH, BLINK, and HASTE abilities hit 20% harder → 25% harder

Rotated Out

  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Stagger Swagger
  • Stinger
  • Unstoppable

Rotated In

  • Egoist

  • [NEW] Evades refund 5 Energy (15 from Energy Bursts). Reaching max Energy grants 75% Speed for 8s, reducing to 5% Speed while you remain at max Energy.


  • [NEW] Gain 50% more Energy from dealing hits. Being hit generates 3 Energy (1 for LIGHT hits).
  • Fire Up!

  • [NEW] Gain 10 Energy on round start. Casting Energy Burst restores 30% of max Energy to other allies and Speeds up your whole team by 40% for 5s.


  • [NEW] Gain 250 max Stagger and .8 Cooldown Rate per 100 max Stagger.


  • Some Goal explosions no longer look very low quality on Ultra or lower settings.
  • UI Mission Timers are now all displayed correctly.
  • Strikes are no longer able to “stop” the core in some situations
  • MVP animations no longer “pop back” to idle just before transitioning to the end of game screen.
  • Audio and SFX are no longer dropped during active gameplay.
  • If Vyce is KO’d while using Super Nova [SPECIAL], the VFX will no longer remain playing for the entire match.
  • Striker Ability Information UI will no longer get stuck for controller and gamepad during a match.

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