Mineko's Night Market devs post update on game's progress

Coming to a night (or day) market near you!

16 April 2022
by quence 1

Game development is never quick or easy, and the developers of upcoming Switch title Mineko’s Night Market seem to know that all too well. Mineko’s Night Market is a narrative driven game about a girl who opens shop on a new island, with a focus on crafting, puzzle-solving and exploration. In a recent Twitter post, they have some updates to share concerning the game’s progress. In spite of experiencing “setbacks, both mentally, and physically”, they say that development is still going strong. In response to fans asking where they’ve been since the last update, they had the following to say:

Working on the game! In fact, we’re lucky enough to be working with an incredible engineering team, Studio Cypher, who have helped us get our systems and code into shape. We are eternally grateful for their work and Mineko’s Night Market would be nonexistent without their expertise. We’ve also recently had the opportunity to hire an additional artist, Liz Nugent, to help us fill Mineko’s world with plenty of lush places to explore and discover. Stay tuned for some sneak peeks at some of the gorgeous environments Liz has created! Our audio team, A Shell in the Pit, has also been seamlessly implementing sounds that really make the game come alive and it’s been so exciting to hear them enrich the game in ways we never dreamed of!

Things are moving along behind the scenes and we’re so grateful for all the amazing folks we’ve had the pleasure of working with!


Unfortunately, we still don’t have an exact release date for Mineko’s Night Market, but we’ll keep an eye out. It sounds like the development team is doing the healthy thing and taking their time making the game the best it can be. Click here to learn more about the game, or check out the official trailer below.

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2y ago

Finally. Been waiting for this since it was announced.