Players continue to test the limits of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, mining it for all the tricks, glitches, and exploits they can find. The newest discovery allows Link to jump nearly indefinitely in mid-air, allowing you to easily reach just about any point at any height.

In order to trigger the glitch, you’ll need to make use of another glitch known as “fuse entanglement”. This involves Fusing your shield with an item, but hitting ZL, ZR, then ZL + ZR, then equipping a new shield rapidly. If done correctly, this should result in an unbreakable shield for shield surfing.

YouTuber SmallAnt has added onto this glitch, discovering that you can use it to fuse a rocket to your shield. As a result, every time you jump and shield surf, the rocket will propel you higher into the air. As long as you have plenty of Energy Cells built up, this allows you to keep jumping to places normally out of reach!

Check out a clip courtesy of YouTuber SmallAnt below, in which he demonstrates this jump glitch in action.


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