The console wars have been ongoing for decades, but now we may have some actual scientific proof that Nintendo players are more intelligent than gamers who play on competing consoles. Of course, that all depends on how much stock you put into a recent study conducted by the sports (and esports) betting site OddsSeeker.

The study takes a look at 366,904 Reddit posts from the past year across various gaming subreddits. Based on the breadth of vocabulary used across each subreddit, a level of “intelligence” was determined. According to the final results, Nintendo fans came out on top with a total of 22,216 unique words used. You can see the full results here or in the image up above.

The study also ranked which subreddits were the most toxic and profane. Nintendo finished lower in these categories - 23% of Super Smash Bros. posts were negative, while Animal Crossing came in last with only 14% negative posts. Nintendo and its games’ communities also placed rather low for amount of profanity used.

Of course, this study only examined a handful of Reddit posts from a handful of subreddits, so it should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. (It could certainly be argued that knowing more vocab words doesn’t necessarily make someone more intelligent.) Still, it’s fascinating to see statistics like this, and the next time you get into an argument with someone about video games, you can point to this study in order to prove that you rank among the most intelligent of all gamers!

Click here to read the full results of the study, along with a breakdown of exactly how the findings were reached.

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12M ago

More intelligent? Maybe. But wiser for sure if they stayed off Reddit.


12M ago

Well duh. Of course they are more intelligent. They bought a Nintendo console after all. :P


12M ago

Pretty sure that's just because Nintendo attracts a wider range of kinds of people.