F-Zero X graphics comparison shows clearer models, improved resolution

F-Zero X is back and looks better than ever!

09 March 2022
by alioop 4

In a new video from GameXplain, the graphics of the original F-Zero X on the Nintendo 64 are compared to the newly announced Nintendo Switch Online version. The updated version showcases clearer models as well as some improvements to resolution. Various other upgrades can be seen.

The game is coming to Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack on Friday, March 11th 2022.

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2y ago

F-Zero X was already 60FPS. It was one of the few games on the N64 that was.


2y ago

Nice. It was so long since I played this. I almost don’t think I’ve played it since GX came out… I wonder how it holds up against GX, which I love.


2y ago

PUMPED for this. Best F-Zero game ever made! And yet another 4-player couch multiplayer game to add to the list. I’m loving the N64 app on the Switch. It’s my most played “title” this year by far, and last year as well even though it launched quite late in 2021.


2y ago

Similar to the Dawn of the Monsters comment, this one shows Splash Cars on the news feed view.