Sony is deeply involved in the legal battle that Microsoft is facing against the FTC, as they don’t want the company to purchase Activision Blizzard. Multiple times in the legal battle, Sony has mentioned that they believe Microsoft to be their direct competition and not Nintendo. Well, a new set of data might show otherwise.

Figures revealed by Sony’s own internal surveys have shown that nearly half of PlayStation 5 owners in the United States also own a Switch. That’s a pretty sizable chunk of the market that’s also out there supporting Nintendo. To compare things, just 20% of PlayStation 5 owners in the United States also own an Xbox Series X or S.

When you stop and think about things, the split makes a lot of sense. The Switch offers a wealth of exclusives you won’t find on PlayStation, thanks to Nintendo’s franchises. Over on the Xbox side of things, Microsoft’s exclusive output hasn’t been too notable in recent years, and the vast majority of games available on Xbox X/S can be purchased on PS5 as well. At this point, it’s clear most PS5 owners don’t see a compelling reason to snag an Xbox.


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1y ago

Yes, but, doesn't this give more evidence to Sony's argument? If Nintendo were a direct competitor, then wouldn't consumers be purchasing either a PS5 or a Switch? Not both? It seems like Microsoft would be the competitor in this instance, since one could argue that the consumers are buying a PS5 instead of an Xbox, or vice versa. Based on this data, Nintendo seems more like a complement than competition.

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1y ago

You mean a percentage of Switch owners also have a PS5.

That's a very good point.

But on the other hand, there are many people who can only afford one system and that's where their argument is somewhat solid. If I can only get one system at a time then of course I'll go where the best games, for me, are.
But then again it was MS who first said that they are not in direct competition with Ninty, so the tables have suddenly turned.
Lots of hypocrisy going on here.


1y ago


That's true about Microsoft, if I remember correctly. Though it does seem like their mentality has changed in recent years. Perhaps that comes from being at the "bottom" of the three. Currently.

I think it has to with them them sucking ass to get the deal through.