Even when Masahiro Sakurai isn’t making games, he’s still creating content that’s winning awards!

CEDEC 2023 (Computer Entertainment Developers Conference) has rolled around, and with it comes another awards ceremony. To his surprise, Masahiro Sakurai ended up winning two awards at the event, and both were tied to his “Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games” YouTube series.

In particular, Sakurai’s YouTube series took home an Excellence Award in both the Game Design and Visual Arts categories. You can see the (Google translated) reasons for these awards below.

Visual Arts Category / Excellence Award

On the YouTube channel “Masahiro Sakurai’s Game Making”, Mr. Masahiro Sakurai’s valuable know-how of game development that he has cultivated so far is not only game design, but also knowledge about visual arts such as UI, effects, and motion. It can be said that the content has a high educational value for artists. The content is detailed and the amount of material distributed is large, and information is shared not only by game creators but also by everyone as content with a wide frontage, leading to the revitalization of the industry.

Game Design Category / Excellence Award

In “How to Make a Game by Masahiro Sakurai”, industry-leading creators themselves provide accurate and valuable game development know-how as a crisp short program based on concrete productions. In addition to its quality, the overwhelming number of programs that continue to increase day by day contributes greatly to sharing knowledge on game development.

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12M ago

The dude just keeps on winning. Way to go Sakurai!